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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Craigslist account?

Go to in your web browser. You will be redirected to the local Craigslist site for your city or area. Click My Account in the top-left corner. On the next screen, under “Create a Craigslist Account”, click in the box marked “Email” and type in your email address. Then click Create Account.

How do you get free stuff on Craigslist?

Steps Go to your local Click on "Post to classifieds" on the top left. Select the category "For Sale" and continue. Select "Free Stuff" Create your post of what you want to give away. Check your email for the publish activation link. Do not include your street address. Wait for an email or call (if you leave a phone number)

Is Craigslist free?

All craigslist postings are free, except for: Job postings in selected areas—$15-75 (fee varies by area) Brokered apartment rentals in New York City area—$10. Therapeutic services in the United States—$10 (reposts of live ads $5)

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