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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Craftsman a good home mower brand?

The Craftsman brand has been considered as the standard of quality and durability for all kinds of users, from DIY-ers to professional ones and even other garden tool manufacturers. They have a wide range of products which are arranged in around 80 categories. Among these, some of their lawn mower models are rated the best on the market.

What stores sell Craftsman?

Craftsman Tools are available at NAPA. For over ninety years, Craftsman Tools have brought quality, innovation and a full lifetime warranty to DIYers and pros alike and now they are on our shelves for you. Not to mention, with holiday deals like this, you can get great deals on Craftsman tools, so there is no excuse not to get up on the roof ...

What defines a "craftsman" home style?

Unlike the Victorian, craftsman-style homes are known for their clean lines and nature-inspired motifs. Craftsmans also have more hand-wrought woodwork and detail than simple modern houses. Most craftsman-style homes are considered bungalows, but not every cottage is viewed as a craftsman.

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