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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pass the CPCs theory test?

Passing the CPCS Theory Test involves answering many questions, depending on the CPCS category you are trying to obtain in an audio recorded environment on a one to one discussion with your Tester. Each question has some points, and to pass you will have to answers correctly and gather at least 80% of the total points.

Where can I find the CPCs questions?

You’ll find the CPCS questions on this page, just scroll down to category A61. Here they are, please scroll down to the RT59 category.

How do I become a CPCs certified operator?

To achieve any of the two cards CPCS Trained Operator (Red) or CPCS Competent Operator (Blue), you will have to be trained and pass the CPCS Theory Test and a Practical Test at one of the authorised CPCS Test Centres.

What is a CPCs card?

What is CPCS? CPCS is the broadest accepted and recognised skills card in the Construction Industry as proof of plant and plant-related competences, and it’s owned by the Construction Industry Training Board.

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