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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you purchase a CPAP cleaner?

Why Should I Get A CPAP Cleaner? If you purchase a CPAP cleaner, you will not have to repeat this step by step process each week, saving you time and energy. A CPAP cleaner can clean the machine effectively, keeping you safe from harm and your machine working appropriately, without having to dismantle the machine.

Which CPAP cleaner is best?

The best CPAP cleaner is a device called VirtuCLEAN, manufactured from VirtuOx. It’s a small, lightweight, and portable CPAP cleaning device that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Instead of using soap, water, or cleaning solution, it uses ozone to clean and sanitize your CPAP equipment.

Does soclean really clean CPAP?

Well, SoClean, just like Lumin does not really work. Why? These are not cleaners. Instead, they are sanitizers. So, what does it mean to clean? Simply put, we clean to remove dirt and similar particles. Generally, the best cleaning agents are water and soap. On its part, sanitizing involves acting to reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

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