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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBAP exam prep practice test?

What is the CBAP exam prep practice test? The CBAP exam simulator is a simulation of the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam conducted by IIBA. There are 150 multiple choice questions present in this mock test which will give you the real feel of the actual IIBA-CBAP exam.

What does CPAB look for in audit deficiencies?

CPAB continues to find deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in the quality of audit work to support accounting estimates. This publication provides examples to clarify issues related to audit deficiencies in this area, as well as practices observed in files with no findings. CPAB imposes disciplinary action on one firm.

How does CPAB assess the risk of foreign firms?

Many of the foreign firms are subject to oversight by other audit regulators in their jurisdiction. These firms are inspected periodically based on CPAB's risk analysis. Risk analysis and assessment are embedded throughout CPAB. CPAB identifies and rates RIs and audit firms that may represent the most significant risks to the investing public.

How many firms does CPAB inspect each year?

Each year, CPAB inspects all firms that audit 100 or more reporting issuers. We also inspect, at least every two years, firms with between 50 and 99 reporting issuer audits.

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