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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of coverslip?

Coverslips are used in wet mounts to hold the specimen and its surrounding liquid in place and prevent it from bunching up in a droplet or sliding off the slide. Coverslips also prevent the lens from touching the sample. One main goal when using a coverslip is to ensure an appropriate amount of liquid or sample on the slide.

What is the purpose is the coverslip?

The purpose of coverslipping is: protect tissues from scratching & being removed from the slide. Keep tissue as well as stain from drying out, improve the refractive index, prtect stain from fading.

What is proper thickness of coverslip?

Standard cover slips have a thickness of 0.13-0.16mm , taking into consideration the added layer of an embedding medium or water into account in the sample results in meeting the rule of 0.17mm. The higher the Numerical Aperture of an objective lens, the higher the sensibility for deviations from the value on the objective lens.

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