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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I teach my child to count numbers?

Teach your children to identify one-digit numbers in preschool or count all the way up to 100 in kindergarten! The number worksheets include activities such as number matching, number recognition, counting, tracing numbers, ten frames, color-by-number worksheets, and so much more!

How do you count to 20 in 1st grade?

In this bundle of counting to 20 worksheet pdfs, 1st grade kids count the objects in each set and make a one-to-one correspondence by matching the equal groups. The fish and the plants, among others in this set, propel your practice in counting 1-20.

What are the first counting worksheets?

Our first counting worksheets concentrate on counting objects; latter exercises focus on sequential counting including skip counting and counting backwards. What number comes next? Before? (1-20) Counting patterns: fill in the missing numbers by skip counting (ascending /descending, up to 50 or 100) What is K5?

How many worksheets are there for Numerals 11 to 20?

The worksheets for the other numbers have similar layouts but may involve other activities such as coloring and drawing more items to make out a certain number. 20 worksheets and activities for numerals 11 to 20. For this section the activities are more complex and they focus on:

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