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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Correos?

Correos is a public company that resides in Spain and is in charge of sending, delivering, and distributing packages and postal services in Spain and other countries. Officially it was founded in 2001 after being created decades ago.

How many employees does Correos have?

The company is 100% state owned, through the State Industrial Holding Company (SEPI). With 63,000 employees and 5.4 billion pieces of mail sent each year, Correos is one of the largest postal services in the world.

What is Correos international tracking?

Correos España tracking is a service of excellent quality that allows users to have detailed information about their shipments, such as approximate delivery time, transport company, or status of the package. With Correos International Tracking you will have complete tracking of your packages or mail sent.

What is Correo Express?

Correo Express. Nexea or better known as hybrid mail. The telecom mail service was created with the intention of marketing and managing the telecommunication operations of other private companies throughout Spain.

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