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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you register a corporation in New York?

Register your business name with the state of New York. You can do this by going to the County Clerk's office in the county where the business will be located. This is for regular businesses and partnerships. This also applies to a sole proprietorship that has a different name from your own.

How do I start a business in New York?

To participate in START-UP NY, your company must meet the following requirements: Be a new business in New York State, or an existing New York business relocating to or expanding within the state. Partner with a New York State college or university. Create new jobs and contribute to the economic development of the local community.

How do you look up a LLC?

Click on the entity name for the LLC you want to look up. The results page will list the entity number, filing date, status, entity name and agent for service of process of all LLCs that match your search term. Clicking on the entity name will display the record for the LLC you want to look up.

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