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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Great Cornholio say?

The great cornholio. Cornholio tends to wander aimlessly while reciting “I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!” in an odd faux-Spanish accent. Sometimes Beavis will momentarily talk normally before resuming the persona of Cornholio. Once his Cornholio episode is over, Beavis usually has no memory of what happened.

Where is Cornholio from?

In that same episode, he claims to be from Lake Titicaca, but when asked where it was, he responded with "Nicaragua", despite the fact that Lake Titicaca is in Peru/Bolivia. Though the “Cornholio” character was developed in the episode The Great Cornholio, Beavis first plays the entity as a passing gag in Generation in Crisis.

What does Cornholio do with his arms?

He will raise his forearms in a 90-degree angle next to his chest, pull his shirt over his head, and then begin to yell or scream erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises, his eyes wide. This is an alter-ego named ‘Cornholio,’ a normally dormant persona.

What happened to Beavis in Vaya Con Cornholio?

In the guise of Cornholio, Beavis becomes a successful beat poet (Buttniks), and in Vaya Con Cornholio he is deported to Mexico after wrongfully being subjected to immigration detention by an agent of the INS.

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