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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Cornerstone University?

Placement rate for traditional undergraduates who are prepared to lead in their careers and lives with influence and wisdom. Academic programs rooted in Christian teaching and scholarship. At Cornerstone University, we hold steadfast to uncompromising Christlike values as we provide lasting transformation in the lives of our students.

Why cornerstone learning at the library?

With Cornerstone Learning, the library is giving employees the opportunity to develop new skills and be prepared for changes coming in the workplace.

What is cornerstone HR?

Cornerstone HR. Welcome to a new era of HR administration - Cornerstone HR helps leaders make better business decisions using real-time data and insights. Centralize employee data, improve agility, and meet your employees’ needs with self-service tools and a great user experience.

What are the benefits of having a cornerstone solution?

Realizing potential. People have the potential to achieve anything if they keep developing. Cornerstone solutions help employees learn and grow and, in turn, help businesses reach their potential. What is smart for business, is great for people.

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