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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can cornerstone Healthcare Group help?

We're here to help in locations across the country. Cornerstone Healthcare Group is proud to offer services and locations nationwide that include Specialty Hospitals, Senior Living, and Behavioral Health. If you are in need of this type of care, find a location near you and contact us.

Why choose cornerstone specialty hospitals Conroe?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Conroe, located in Houston, is a specialty acute care hospital accredited by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ).

What is the purpose of Cornerstone Regional Hospital?

OUR PURPOSE. We offer comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic problems. Cornerstone Regional Hospital is proud to celebrate 20+ years of serving the residents of this area by being your healthcare partner. When you can’t visit a patient in the hospital, use our ePatient note service to send them an encouraging note.

Why choose corcornerstone Healthcare Group?

Cornerstone Healthcare Group operates 18 specialty hospitals nationwide that provide high-quality care for patients in need of longer medical stays due to multiple and complex medical conditions. Our specialty hospitals offer 24/7 physician coverage, multiple physician specialties, physical rehabilitation services, and much more.

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