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Frequently Asked Questions

What is project cornerstone?

Project Cornerstone is an exciting new program focused on supporting the healthy development of our children by making every effort at home, school and in the community to ensure children have the necessary building blocks to become successful, caring and responsible. Project Cornerstone Website:

What is the Cornerstone Construction Group?

Cornerstone Construction Group provides business commercial and government contracting for asphalt / concrete paving / sealcoating and crack filling... We strive for ZERO UNSAFE ACTS on every project every day! Welcome to Cornerstone Construction Group. Here at Cornerstone Construction Group we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

What is residential building contractor?

A residential building contractor oversees the construction of individual houses and multi-unit housing projects. A commercial building contractor oversees the construction and remodeling of stores, malls, hotels and other commercial projects.

What is the Cornerstone Group?

The Cornerstone Group is a socially conservative or traditional conservative political organisation within the British Conservative Party.

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