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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a Cornell notes template?

Type Cornell Notes as your File name. Click Save. From the File menu, select New. Underneath the top row, select the Personal link. Click the Cornell Note template. Your document will open, and you can make further changes. For example, some people may want to adjust the top area to type Class name and date.

What are the benefits of using Cornell Notes?

Cornell notes makes your notes a bit more organized. Cornell notes allows you to determine keywords and concepts more rapidly from a discussion or a lecture. For students, it can serve as a study guide where it is much easier to remember and saves more time allowing you to study more than one subject.

What are Cornell Notes?

Cornell Notes help organize content in great ways. That is, when they are used in the correct manner. Cornell note taking involves splitting content into sections, with keywords and summaries giving way to more detailed content. Without a consistent level of organization, the Cornell notes system does not work as it should.

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