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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual format for a Cornell note template?

The Cornell notes template is a default GoodNotes already comes with Cornell notes in 3 colors and various sizes including Letter, A4, and A3. When should I use a thought record?

What are the advantages of using the Cornell note template?

This Cornell notes template gives you a format for structuring information so it’s easier to study and recall later. Cornell note-taking isn’t just a way to write things down, it’s a method for reviewing your notes that helps you retain the information. Apply this template to a note, and you’ll see a lot of work has been done for you.

What is the history behind the Cornell note template?

Cornell notes is a system of note-taking that made its first appearance back in the 1950s. Its developer was Walter Pauk, a professor at Cornell University. Using a Cornell notes template involves the taking down of notes in an organized way. This invention first appeared in one of Pauk’s famous books entitled, “How to Study in College.”

How can a Cornell Note template be used to clarify meanings?

Cornell Notes also serve as content-knowledge checkers that will help you to realize when you need more study or clarification. As you fill in your summary box or write questions in your left-hand column, keep in mind where your content knowledge has holes and could use supplemental study.

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