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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cornel West?

Cornel Ronald West (born June 2, 1953) is an American philosopher, political activist, social critic, author, and public intellectual.

Does Cornel West still teach at Princeton University?

That year, West returned to Princeton, where he helped create "one of the world's leading centers for African-American studies" according to Shirley Tilghman, Princeton's president in 2011. In 2012, West left Princeton and returned to the institution where he began his teaching career, Union Theological Seminary.

Why did Cornel West resign from Harvard?

^ "Cornel West leaving Harvard teaching post after tenure dispute". the Boston Globe. ^ Tweet of July 13, 2021, including image of resignation letter. ^ "On Professor Cornel West's Tenure Process Denial and the Future of Racial Justice at Harvard". Google Docs. Retrieved June 21, 2021.

What kind of music does Cornel West sing?

On the musical front, West recorded a recitation of John Mellencamp 's song "Jim Crow" for inclusion on the singer's box set On the Rural Route 7609 in 2009. In 2010, he completed recording with the Cornel West Theory, a hip hop band endorsed by West.

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