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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Cornel?

Definition of cornel. : any of various shrubs or trees (genus Cornus) of the dogwood family.

What type of plant is a cornel tree?

Any of various plants of the genus Cornus, which includes the bunchberry and dogwoods. [Short for German Kornelbaum, cornel tree (from Middle High German kurnelboum, from Old High German kurnilboum) or from French cornouille, both from Medieval Latin corniola, from diminutive of Latin cornus .]

What is Cornell University known for?

Established in 1865, Cornell University is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. Unique within the Ivy League, we make contributions in all fields of knowledge in a manner that prioritizes public engagement to help improve the quality of life in our state, the nation and the world.

Why choose icornell?

Cornell's internationally recognized standard of excellence can set you apart. Learn on your schedule without stepping out of your job. Participate in small, personalized classes engineered for the best possible learning experience. Master relevant concepts that you can apply in your work as you go.

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