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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery time for a cornea replacement?

If stitches were used to hold the transplant in place, these are initially left in place to allow the cornea to heal. They're usually removed after about a year. The time it takes for your vision to return after a cornea transplant can range from as little as a few weeks up to a year or more. This largely depends on the specific procedure used.

What are some facts about the cornea?

These 5 facts about the cornea can come in handy: The cornea has no blood vessels, which actually could interfere with its function. There are five layers of the cornea. The cornea itself helps protect the eye from harmful dust, germs, or other matter.

What happens if the cornea is damaged?

Changes to the cornea’s curvature can create mild to severe distortion, called astigmatism, and usually nearsightedness. The disease can also cause swelling, scars on your cornea, and vision loss. Your night vision could get so bad you can’t drive after dark.

Can a damaged cornea repair itself?

A pterygium is a growth on the cornea's surface; this is most commonly seen after chronic sun exposure. They can be removed surgically if they become bothersome. Cancers of the surface of the eye are managed with surgery or in some cases, topical chemotherapy eyedrops or injections.

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