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Frequently Asked Questions

What snake has the longest life span?

A ball python (Python regius) holds the record for the longest documented life span among snakes. Acquired by the Philadelphia Zoo in 1945, the snake lived at the zoo for 48 years.

Can corn snakes kill people?

Also, corn snake are often found near the corn, which attracts their favorite food - rodents. Corn snakes are not venomous. Unfortunately, people often kill corn snakes because they share similarities in appearance with poisonous snake known as copperhead. Corn snakes are diurnal animals (active during the day).

Are corn snakes good as pets?

The corn snake is widely regarded as one of the best snakes to keep as a pet. I agree with this notion, for the most part. There are plenty of other species that make good pets, as well. Kingsnakes and ball pythons come to mind.

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