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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for a corn snake?

To care for your corn snake, give it plenty of water in a bowl big enough to drink from and soak in, and change the water twice a week. Feed your snake 1 mouse every week, getting your corn snake bigger and bigger mice to eat as it grows bigger.

What do corn snakes need?

Feeding When young, a corn snake will require one pink or fuzzy mouse every 6-7 days. As they grow, they will move on to adult-sized mice. Once older, corn snakes may feed less, and 7-14 days between feedings is not unusual.

Are corn snakes friendly?

I own a corn snake, and he is my first reptile. As others have said, snakes are not 'friendly' the way dogs or cats or birds can be, but they can grow used to you, and be 'friendly' in the sense of being neither very scared of you nor aggressive towards you.

What is the habitat of a corn snake?

Wild corn snakes prefer habitats such as overgrown fields, forest openings, trees, palmetto flatwoods and abandoned or seldom-used buildings and farms, from sea level to as high as 6,000 feet.

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