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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Corded?

Definition of corded 1a : made of or provided with cords or ridges specifically : muscled in ridges b of a muscle : tense, taut

What is the difference between the Corded handset and cordless handset?

The corded handset means you wont have to search for a missing ringing handset, while the cordless handset lets you take calls into another room. A large backlit display on the base and built-in digital answering system make it easy to review missed calls. See More See Full Product DescriptionClose Explore More on Building Materials

How much does a corded phone cost?

CortelcoWall Value Line Corded Telephone - Ash Model# ITT-2554-MD-AS (54) $3382 ClarityAmplified Corded Photo Phone Model# P300 (16) $5148 Panasonic2-Line Corded Feature Phone with LCD - White Model# KX-TS208WH (4) $5857 1 2 3 4 5 Showing1-12of99results. Related Searches built-in caller id corded phones single line corded phones Related Products

What does Corded throat mean?

stringy, or ribbed, in appearance, especially from the prominence of the muscles, veins, etc.: a corded throat.

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