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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a coolant flush cost?

The average cost for a coolant flush is between $71 and $115 for the parts and labor on this relatively short job. The parts will only be a fraction of that cost, running somewhere between $15 and $30 for a coolant flush. While these are averages, the cost from vehicle to vehicle will vary as will individual dealer and auto shop prices.

What is a Jiffy Lube coolant service?

Cooling System Flush and Fill An antifreeze/coolant flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system corrosion. A Jiffy Lube® coolant service starts with an examination of your radiator and engine cooling system.

Why do I need a coolant flush?

Having a regular coolant flush done protects your vehicle against all sorts of hazard. The biggest way it safeguards your car is by preventing internal rusting. Your car is prone to wear down and corrode over time, especially in the parts that become very hot.

When should I replace my coolant?

And If there are silicates or borates in your coolant, it must be replaced regularly. And in the case of a radiator leak, you will need new coolant after that problem is repaired. A full coolant system flush is convenient at that time.

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