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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cool electrical outlet designs are there?

Here are 19 Innovative and Cool Electrical Outlets, Sockets and Switches designs we rounded up which could help you keep the wire mess in check, save some engery and accomordate more crowded plugs. Too bad some of them are still concepts.

What is the best GFCI receptacle cover?

Metallic single-gang universal GFCI receptacle kit with “extra-duty” while-in-use cover, weather- and tamper-resistant, horizontal or vertical. Sigma's Vertical GFCI Outlet Covers are used to provide weatherproof protection for an outdoor GFCI receptacle. These die-cast metal covers are suitable for wet locations when the cover is closed.

Why are switch plates and outlet covers important?

It’s the switch plates and outlet covers that tend to receive the most personal contact while in a space, whether you notice them or not. Every time you walk in or out of a room or need to plug something in, your hand and eyes are drawn closer to these wall plates than many other features in the room.

What is included in a weatherproof cover kit?

The Red Dot weatherproof cover kit includes all you need to install a safe, secure and weather-resistant outlet on the exterior of your home, garage or light commercial building. The kit includes a 1 gang, three hole box, a double duplex receptacle, foam gasket and universal cover.

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