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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Convoy Street a good place to eat in San Diego?

The Convoy District has long been a dining hub for locals, but in recent years, Convoy Street has established itself as a major culinary showcase for San Diego’s food scene. It’s easy to eat your way around the area for days without repeating restaurants.

Is the convoy District Pan-Asian?

The Convoy District proudly stands among the largest Pan-Asian business districts in the United States. Dine in Convoy! From mouthwatering Korean fried chicken to Japanese ramen, there is a whole world of Pan-Asian flavors and beyond in the Convoy District. What adventure will your tastebuds go on next? Join the fun!

What does convoy district have to offer?

We love seeing folks explore the variety of food that Convoy District has to offer. We aim to highlight some of our frequent shoppers and their journeys to different businesses! Looking to shop? From farm-fresh produce, high-quality meat, freshly caught seafood, and thousands of Asian specialty grocery items.

Where is Vons Super Markets on Convoy Street?

Finally the Convoy Asian Restaurant Row will come to an end at the corner of Convoy Street and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. Here on the west side of the street is the huge football field sized Zion Market (20). This Asian supermarket makes Vons Super Markets look like a 7/11 fast food store in a size com­parison.

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