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Frequently Asked Questions

What states have passed the Convention of States?

States that have passed the Convention of States application (19): 1. Georgia March 6, 2014 2. Alaska April 19, 2014 3. Florida April 21, 2014 4. Alabama May 22, 2015 5. Tennessee February 4, 2016 6. Indiana February 29, 2016 7. Oklahoma April 25, 2016 8. Louisiana May 25, 2016 9. Arizona March 13, 2017

How many states have passed Convention of States resolution?

There are ( 2 ) Active Convention Of States (COS) Groups in the U.S. 1 COS Group has 15 States (Passed) COS Resolutions with 20 States Pending. That’s 35 States Total.

What are the conventions of the Constitution?

The commands behind the constitutional conventions are moral and political. These conventions set forward some norms that govern the behavior of a person who is in power, or regulate the working of various institutions under the constitution and their relation with each other. In this manner conventions are equally important as written rules.

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