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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social control theory?

Social Control Theory: proposes that people refrain from committing criminal acts because they do not want to jeopardize their bonds to conventional society. Social Control Theory assumes that human beings are neither good nor evil. However, we are born with the capacity to do wrong. Asks, "Why don't we ALL commit crime?"

What is Hirschi's social control theory?

Travis Hirschi’s social control theory hypothesizes that the stronger one’s social bonds to family and religious, civic, and other groups - the less likely one is to commit crime. Hirchi argues that social bonds promote conformity with the community’s shared values and norms. Social control theory has precedents dating to Thomas Hobbes.

Does social control theory account for differences in criminality across life stages?

Social control theory, unlike many other criminological theories, is able to account for differences in criminality across life stages. However, many sociologists have rejected the idea that criminality varies significantly from early adulthood on.

What are the four elements of control theory?

These social bonds have four elements: opportunity, attachment, belief, and involvement. When any one of these bonds are weakened or broken a person is more likely to act in defiance. Control Theory in sociology can either be classified as centralized, decentralized, or mixed.

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