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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate a consumer cellular phone?

Method 2 of 3: Activating a New Cell Phone Listen to and write down any important voicemails on the old device. ... Backup your old text messages. Like voicemails, there's a chance that your old text history will not transfer. Backup your contacts. ... Insert your new SIM card in your new phone (if necessary). ... Get your IMEI number. ... Activate through your carrier's website. ... More items...

How to contact Consumer Cellular by email?

To send a text message via email, you must use a SMS or MMS to email gateway (email address). Just substitute a 10-digit cell phone number for ‘number’ for each carrier below: AT&T: [email protected] (SMS), [email protected] (MMS)

How to pay Consumer Cellular?

How can I make a payment to my bill online? Access your Consumer Cellular login Select "Pay My Bill" Enter your payment details and account information Click "Submit"

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