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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Consumer Cellular?

For those who want basic minutes and text messaging capabilities, Consumer Cellular is a good provider. However, if a potential customer wants to use a phone to frequently stream videos and music, surf the internet, utilize email, and communicate via social media apps, this company likely isn't the best choice.

Why you should consider consumer cellular service?

Consumer cellular focuses on seniors and people who don't use a ton of data , and this service can save you a significant amount of money versus traditional carriers. Consumer Cellular aims its wireless service at seniors who prefer low monthly cellphone bills to high data allotments.

Can You chat with Consumer Cellular?

You can find information about specific phones on our Videos & Manuals pages or find out more about Consumer Cellular's great plans and service on our Support & FAQs page. If you still have questions, give our friendly customer support experts a call, or use our convenient online chat by clicking below.

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