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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get NCERT solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 11 constructions?

Yes you can get very reliable NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 11 Constructions (Ex.-11.2) Exercise 11.2 on Vedantu. These NCERT Solutions are among the best-rated study materials for the Class 10 chapter of Constructions.

Are there any free printable worksheets for CBSE Class 10 mathematics construction?

Free printable worksheets for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Construction, school and class assignments, and practice test papers have been designed by our highly experienced class 10 faculty. You can free download CBSE NCERT printable worksheets for Mathematics Construction Class 10 with solutions and answers.

What is class 10 Maths CBSE Chapter 11 all about?

Class 10 Maths CBSE chapter 11 intends to teach you about the topic of Construction. Construction, as the name suggests, means to create something. And in maths, it is about drawing exact geometrical figures with perfect measurements of sides and angles. You will learn to construct figures like circles, triangles, line segments, rectangles etc.

How to solve the construction questions in NCERT?

All the questions of NCERT exercises are solved using diagrams with a step-by-step procedure for construction. Solutions of NCERT help students boost their concepts and clear doubts. In each of the following, give the justification of the construction also: 1. Draw a line segment of length 7.6 cm and divide it in the ratio 5 : 8.

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