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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UTC time zone located?

Where is utc time zone located? UTC is precisely the same imaginary line defined by GMT at the Prime Meridian, located in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. 1 What country has UTC time zone?

What does UTC time zone mean?

UTC —Coordinated Universal Time—is the 24-hour time standard used as a basis for civil time today. All time zones are defined by their offset from UTC. The offset is expressed as either UTC- or UTC+ and the number of hours and minutes. Primarily, UTC is based on mean solar time at the prime meridian running through Greenwich, UK.

How can I convert UTC datetime to local (EST) time?

Converting UTC to local time. To convert UTC to local time, call the ToLocalTime method of the DateTime object whose time you want to convert. The exact behavior of the method depends on the value of the object's Kind property, as the following table shows.

What time is 4pm UTC?

4pm UTC is 8:00:00 AM. your time assuming the date is today and your time zone is PST. theirs. yours. Found a bug, have feedback, want to take a look at the code?

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