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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of conferencing?

Video conferencing, also known as web conferencing, is a way for people in your organization to communicate through a video-supported platform on a computer, smart device, or telecollaboration tool. At work, this type of communication tool helps connect remote employees and allows them to collaborate in real time.

What are the benefits of conferencing?

Video conferencing saves time and the cost and hassle associated with business travels. Businesses can use video conferencing to communicate with their remote workers. Other uses of video conferencing include holding regular business meetings, negotiating and closing business deals, and interviewing job candidates.

What is the definition of conferencing?

the holding of a series of meetings or conferences. participation in a conference that involves use of a particular electronic technology: audio conferencing; computer conferencing. Compare teleconferencing (def. 1), videoconferencing.

What is the difference between a conference and a meeting?

“Generally speaking, meetings and conferences are all events where people get together to consider a particular subject; usually the difference is one of scale. Meetings can be more informal, usually involve just a few people and can often be held in-house.”

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