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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shortcut keys in computer?

Windows 10 shortcut keys (Most of these keys will also work on earlier Operating Systems)Windows logo key + L – Lock your PCAlt + Tab – Switch between the open applications on your computerAlt + Shift + Tab – Switch backward between open applicationsWindows logo key + Tab – Task viewAlt + Print Screen – Create screenshot for the current program on your screenCtrl + Alt + Del – Reboot or open the Windows task managerMore items...

What are some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts?

Windows key + Tab – Open Task View. ...Alt + Tab – Switch to your last active window. ...Alt + F4 – Close the active window or app. ...Windows key + Up arrow – Maximize the active window so it takes up the entire desktop.Windows key + Down arrow – Set the active window to a smaller size if it’s maximized. ...More items...

What are the most common shortcut keys?

Short-cut keys. Commonly Used Short-cut Keys. F1. Universal help (for any sort of program). Alt + F. File menu options in current program. Alt + E. Edits options in current program. Ctrl + A.

What are the Windows shortcut keys?

Windows Key + E: Open My Computer; Windows Key + F: Search File; Windows Key + L: Lock Your ...

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