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Frequently Asked Questions

Is complete anatomy better than other anatomy apps?

“Complete Anatomy has a wider depth and breadth of offerings than other anatomy platforms currently available (e.g. Primal Pictures, Visible Body) as well as more detail in its models. Other anatomy apps do not offer the ability to share content and have fewer tools with which to dissect and label models”. “Complete Anatomy is a lifesaver for me.

Can I use complete anatomy on multiple devices?

With institutional access, students and educators can install the Complete Anatomy app on multiple devices. A User’s Guide to Complete Anatomy. See how Professor Alice Roberts uses Complete Anatomy for creating engaging content for students. Discover the benefits from our student users.

How can I learn anatomy?

Learn anatomy fully on the world’s most advanced female and male gross anatomy models, both with a real time beating heart. Access and create a library of customisable learning content such as Screens, Quizzes etc. A series of highly detailed guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts.

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