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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that define a competing business?

Competition is a fact of doing business. Businesses see competition in the form of price, quality, design, sales, location, and almost every business process. Many people complain about it, many learn from it, and many run away from it.

What are the different types of competitors in business?

Business Competitor means a Lodging Competitor, Distribution Competitor or Vacation Ownership Competitor.

How do businesses identify their competitors?

Here are some simple ways to identify competitors: Determine what other companies offer a similar product or service in your market. You can also consult with the sales team to identify which competitors often come up throughout the sales process.

What is the definition of a business competitor?

Business Competitor means any Person that derived more than 10% of its consolidated gross revenues from Competing Businesses during its current fiscal year or any of its preceding fiscal year.

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