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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compassionate action?

Compassionate actions include reassignment, deletion, or deferral from orders. They are granted in response to a family emergency, hardship, or other situation in which a Soldier’s presence elsewhere is warranted.

How do I apply for soldier compassionate actions?

Soldiers must submit their applications through their Chain of Command on DA Form 3739, Application for Compassionate Actions. The governing regulation is Army Regulation 614-200, Section III.

Does my spouse get compassionate consideration for a compassionate action?

When a Soldier enrolled in the MACP requests a compassionate action, his/her spouse will receive automatic compassionate consideration unless otherwise indicated in the remarks section of DA Form 3739, Application for Compassionate Actions.

Where is the authority for processing a compassionate attachment?

Attachment authority for the purpose of processing a compassionate action has been centralized at HRC. Local commanders are required to request compassionate attachment using the compassionate attachment function on the Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS).

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