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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between feedfeedly and Inoreader?

Feedly and Inoreader have some differences in the essential features, and a bit surprisingly Inoreader is stronger on this front.

Is Inoreader good for reading RSS feeds?

Right now Inoreader is better focused on getting the content in (and out) and making it easy to read that content as well. They can generate feeds from websites that don’t provide RSS if the structure of the website is clear enough. It has worked for me every time. It’s ridiculous that nowadays even some blogs don’t provide RSS feeds.

Can I use Inoreader for free?

While Inoreader's basic functions are still available for free users, many of the options involving customization and search options are limited to paying users. This seems to be a common theme for most Feedly alternatives.

Is Feedly pro+ actually working?

It has been working almost flawlessly to me. Pricing is important, and Inoreader is much cheaper. Current Feedly Pro+ price of $140 feels too much, and because managing feeds and setting up the system is a lot of work, it starts to feel like a vendor lock.

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