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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose community care of North Carolina?

Community Care of North Carolina is the largest and longest-running medical home system in the U.S. We’re known nationwide for reducing healthcare costs while improving outcomes. We have a proven method of identifying patients who are most likely to benefit from care management. We call it Impactability TM.

How do I become a community care of North Carolina PCP?

Once enrolled as a Carolina Access PCP, providers may inquire on serving as a PCP in the NC Medicaid’s enhanced PCCM program known as Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). To participate, providers are required to sign a separate contract with the local CCNC network.

What is CCNC CA in NC?

Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina Access (CCNC/CA) is a primary care case management (PCCM) health care plan for a majority of Medicaid & Health Choice (NCHC) beneficiaries in North Carolina. About CCNC/CA. The Medicaid program aid category determines if a beneficiary is mandatory, optional or ineligible for CCNC/CA enrollment.

What is happening with patient-centered care in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, physician-driven, patient-centered care is happening. And it is benefiting more than 6,000 providers, 1.7 million patients and 9 million taxpayers. The videos at left show how CCNC Networks work within their communities to help patients and providers achieve better health outcomes.

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