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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a heart murmur go away on its own?

The good news is that many heart murmurs aren’t dangerous. In fact, many heart murmurs go away on their own over a few months or years. Whether you need treatment for your heart murmur will depend on what type of murmur you have.

When to evaluate heart murmurs?

Structural heart disease is more likely when the murmur is holosystolic, diastolic, grade 3 or higher, or associated with a systolic click; when it increases in intensity with standing; or when it has a harsh quality. Chest radiography and electrocardiography rarely assist in the diagnosis of heart murmurs in children.

Can you hear a heart murmur?

These sounds can range in volume from barely audible to easy to hear with a stethoscope. Abnormal heart sounds are called heart murmurs. A heart murmur may occur in between regular heartbeats and...

Are heart murmurs benign?

The murmur can be a rasping, blowing, or whooshing sound that occurs during a heartbeat. In other words, it’s an abnormal noise between heartbeats. Most heart murmurs are benign—they’re actually super common in children and young adults, but sometimes, they might indicate serious heart problems (more on this later).

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