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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect to find in a commercial lease?

Specifically, you'll want to understand the following terms of your lease: Use clause - This clause determines the type of business that can use the space. ... Length of lease - Commercial leases typically range from 3 - 10 years. ... Assignability - A lease has to be "assignable" if a business wants to eventually sublease the property. ... More items...

What does "base year" mean in a commercial office lease?

The base year lease provides landlords security by passing on increased costs to tenants. Most office leases are some variant of a base year lease. In a base year lease, a base year is selected (usually the first year of the lease). The landlord agrees to pay the property's expenses for the base year.

Is it necessary to register a commercial lease?

Modern commercial leases are normally required to be registered if they're granted for a period of more than seven years. If the period is for less than seven years, then registration typically isn't needed. This is the case for both sub-leases and head-leases.

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