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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most often tested comma rule on the SAT?

The rule that appositives must be surrounded by commas is one of the most often tested comma rules on the SAT. Because the only difference in the answer choices is the placement of commas, we know this question is testing our knowledge of comma rules.

Are you confused by commas and semicolons on the SAT?

Understandably, many students are utterly confused by commas and semicolons and clueless when it comes to colons and dashes. In this article, I'll eliminate your confusion and explain all of the punctuation rules you need to know to ace SAT Writing.

What punctuation questions are on the SAT?

SAT punctuation questions test you on your knowledge of commas, semicolons, colons, dashes, and apostrophes. In this article, I’ll explain the rules for all punctuation except apostrophes because I’ve devoted a separate article to apostrophes.

What is a common error on the SAT punctuation questions?

A common error on SAT punctuation questions is to randomly place a comma or semicolon within a sentence, especially in sentences in which there are other commas. In this sentence, answer choice D is the correct answer. No punctuation is needed. Remember that if punctuation isn’t needed, you should leave it out.

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