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Frequently Asked Questions

Do commas go inside or outside of quotes?

In America, commas go inside the quotation mark (except as stated below, when the question is not part of the quote, it goes outside the quotation mark). However, in the UK, commas, question marks, etc. all go outside the quotation marks.

Do commas go before quotations?

In American literature and university courses, the method for introducing a quotation is the same as the British English style: the comma is placed after the last word that introduces the quotation. As for the closing quotation mark, American English prefers the comma to be placed before the ending quotation mark.

Do you put the comma or semicolon before the quotes?

There is a lot of leniency on which punctuation to use before a quotation, especially in creative writing, and writers should choose the punctuation that gives them their desired flow of text. The default position is use a comma , but here are some guidelines on when a colon can be used.

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