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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Comcast Internet?

Click "Setup" in the window that appears. Type in the SSID and Password for the router into the fields provided. You can find this information on the Network Information Card attached to the side of the router. Click "Next" to set up the Belkin router with your Comcast Internet service.

How much does Comcast Internet cost?

Comcast’s Starter Internet at $69.95 a month would satisfy the basic online needs of a pair of employees with just 35 Mbps. The Business Internet 100 package ups the speed and user capacity for an additional $40 a month, all the way up to Business Internet 300, which can handle up to and beyond 10 employees—and large file transfers and heavy hosting traffic—for $164.90.

What internet service does Comcast offer?

Determine the types of Comcast services you plan on using. Comcast currently offers a variety of services; including cable television, internet, home telephone service, a home security system, and technical support for computers.

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