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Frequently Asked Questions

Is combat a war drama?

Combat! is an American war drama series. It follows American soldiers as they fight against the Germans during the second world war. Combat! premiered on ABC on October 2, 1962. Rick Jason and Vic Morrow starred in alternating episodes.

When did the TV series Combat start and end?

Combat! (TV Series 1962–1967) - IMDb Combat! This two part Combat! episode is the quintessential story of the futility of war as viewed through the eyes of surviving infantrymen. An American division of troops is making an assault all along their lines.

What are the different types of combat in the Walking Dead?

S03E13 - The Long Walk Combat! S03E14 - The Town That Went Away Combat! S03E15 - Birthday Cake Combat! S03E16 - The Enemy Combat! S03E17 - The Cassock Combat! S03E18 - Losers Cry Deal Combat! S03E19 - More Than a Soldier Combat! S03E20 - Brother, Brother Combat! S03E21 - The Steeple Combat! S03E22 - The Convict Combat! S03E23 - Dateline Combat!

What are the different types of combat in the Sims 4?

S04E01 - Main Event Combat! S04E02 - The First Day Combat! S04E03 - S.I Combat! S04E04 - The Linesman Combat! S04E05 - The Farmer Combat! S04E06 - Evasion Combat! S04E07 - Hear No Evil Combat! S04E08 - Crossfire Combat! S04E09 - 9 Place Vendee Combat!

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