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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Columbia Sportswear begin?

Columbia Sportswear began as a family-owned hat distributor. Immediate-past chairwoman Gert Boyle 's parents, Paul and Marie Lamfrom, fled Nazi Germany in 1937 and immediately purchased a Portland hat distributorship. The company became Columbia Hat Company, named for the nearby Columbia River.

What clothes does Columbia wear?

Most Columbians wear clothing similar to what is worn in other countries with a primarily Western culture. Dark-colored suits are usually worn by urban professionals. Members of the lower or working classes and farmers generally wear loose pants and skirts, known as folk clothes.

Does Columbia offer a pro purchase program?

The Columbia Sportswear Professional Purchase program is our way of providing outdoor professionals in the U.S. an opportunity to purchase the most innovative product in the world at discounted price. It is designed to outfit the dedicated individuals who continue their love of the outdoors through their professional pursuits.

What does Columbia wear?

Casual wear for men includes jeans and a casual shirt. They still favor the traditional sombrero vueltiao, which means "turned hat.". One common everyday garment worn by men and women in the colder Andean regions of Columbia is the ruana or cape, which is made of undyed wool.

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