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Frequently Asked Questions

Which commodities are traded in CME?

Key Takeaways The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or Merc, is an organized exchange for trading futures and options. CME was originally called the Chicago Butter and Egg Board and was used for trading agricultural products, such as wheat and corn. In the 1970s the CME added financial futures, followed shortly by precious metals, Treasuries, and other assets. More items...

Is milk a commodity or a product?

While a valuable, nutritious commodity, milk is highly perishable and consequently has a short shelf life. Milk processing allows the preservation of milk for a much longer period and the reduction of bacteria likely to cause illness. Two preservation processes are cooling and pasteurisation.

What are commodity futures market?

Commodity futures can be contrasted with the spot commodities market. A commodity futures contract is a standardized contract that obliges the buyer to purchase some underlying commodity (or the seller to sell it) at a predetermined future price and date. Commodity futures can be used to hedge or protect a position in commodities.

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