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Frequently Asked Questions

What is application insights?

Application Insightshelps you gain powerful insights into how people use your app. Every time you update your app, you can assess how well it works for users. With this knowledge, you can make data driven decisions about your next development cycles.

How do I use application insights logs (analytics)?

Selecting Logs (Analytics) from within the Application Insights panes will give you access to the classic Application Insights query experience. The connection string identifies the resource that you want to associate your telemetry data with. It also allows you to modify the endpoints your resource will use as a destination for your telemetry.

How do I enable application insights on my Azure App?

You install a small instrumentation package (SDK) in your application or enable Application Insights using the Application Insights Agent when supported. The instrumentation monitors your app and directs the telemetry data to an Azure Application Insights Resource using a unique GUID that we refer to as an Instrumentation Key.

How do I send event data to application insights from B2C?

In Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C), you can send event data directly to Application Insights by using the instrumentation key provided to Azure AD B2C. With an Application Insights technical profile, you can get detailed and customized event logs for your user journeys to:

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