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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ads work for cleaning businesses?

You might not see yourself as a master advertiser, but you don’t have to be one to make ads work for your cleaning business. Today, you can DIY your advertising efforts and see what’s working, what’s getting you clients, and what isn’t.

How do you market a cleaning product?

Marketing a product that removes stains or cleans surfaces isn't the most exciting of tasks, but these clever cleaning product ads are utilizing imaginative concepts and pieces of imagery to sell these otherwise ordinary supplies.

What is a good slogan for a cleaning product?

Below is a list of 27 Catchy Cleaning Products Slogans and Taglines. Clean to the core! Don’t get mad. Get GLAD – GLAD® Don’t put a cold in your pocket! – Kleenex Tissues® Go Go GREEN!

What are the best ads against dust & dirt?

Best ads against dust & dirt (hand wash gel, sanitiser soap ... The Print Ad titled PIGEON was done by J. Walter Thompson Tokyo advertising agency for product: Building Cleaning Services (brand: Toyofuji Sho-ji) in Japan.

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