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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CLC disbanding as a group?

K-pop band CLC will reportedly bid farewell to the fans as a group as they will be disbanding next month. Here is how their fans are reacting to the news. One of the most popular K-pop girl bands, CLC will be bidding farewell to their fans next month.

What happened to CLC Entertainment?

CUBE Entertainment used to be in Big3 (3 biggest entertainment companies) with many famous groups such as 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, and most recently, (G)-IDLE. However, CLC, despite their talents, has been neglected by their own company for 7 years. CLC debuted in 2015 as a group of 5 members: Seung Hee, Yujin, Seung Yeon, Sorn, and Ye Eun.

What happened to CLC U Cube’s fanclub Forum?

The South Korean entertainment label published a notice earlier today (May 20), announcing the impending termination of the K-pop girl group’s fanclub forum, named CLC U CUBE. In the notice, the label attributed the reason for its closure to the conclusion of CLC’s activities as a group.

Is CLC’s official activities as an act over?

CUBE Entertainment has announced that K-pop girl group CLC ‘s official activities as an act have ended. Read More: Tomorrow X Together: “Our fans are always there by our side.

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