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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clara’s?

Clara’s is a place where you are always welcome to get together… celebrate a birthday, rendezvous with old friends or just to get away. A perfect spot for a dinner out, a family reunion or banquet.

What kind of sauce does Clara use?

Clara’s classic rich parmigiana cream sauce. An abundance of chopped garlic and fresh parsley ey sautéed in olive oil. Clara’s fresh tomato sauce blended with vodka cream, and parmesan cheese. Clara’s marinara sauce spiced up with crushed red peppers, Tabasco, and chopped garlic.

Who is the Claro family?

Our grandfather, Joe Claro, started the business with his wife Mary. He soon became partners with his son Frank and his wife Geraldine. In 1958 he retired and his son took over the business. Today, the tradition continues with their two daughters, Rosemarie and Mary Linda, with their husbands, Bob and George in running the stores.

How do I place a group order at Claras restaurant?

This Menu is for groups of eight or more paying adults at one table in a Non Private Room. Reservation & selected menu option can be sent to [email protected] Call 630-968-8899 ext. 4 to place a carryout or delivery order. Pickups are in the back entrance of the restaurant.

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