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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pronounce Chinese words?

There are two directions you mentioned: transliteration or romanisation using Wade-Giles ( Tao for 道) or Pinyin ( Dao for 道) to write/spell/pronounce chinese characters/words (see Taoism VS Daoism ). This facilitates the usage of Chinese words in English language (e.g. Beijing). You are asking for the latter.

How to pronounce Chinese names?

English pronunciation of Chinese names is generally pronounced with the last name and the first name at the front. For Hanyu Pinyin spelling, space is needed between the first name and the last name. For one-character names, both the first letter of the first name and the last name should be capitalized.

How do the Chinese pronounce China?

Follow it by saying the word "guo" (pronounced gwo). This word may be longer than the first character because it is pronounced with a second (rising) tone. Make sure that "goo" and the "oh" maintain continuity and are not pronounced as separate words. Now say both the words together as "zhongguo", and that's how you say China in Chinese.

How to pronounce Chinese yuan?

yuan is "ü" + "en" (similar to yan ). Don't write the two dots on "ü" for yuan. yun is simply "ü" + -n, but it might sound better to pronounce it as yu + yin. Don't write the two dots on "ü" for yun. We stated in the beginning of this section that the -u sound and the -ü sound are totally different, and that's true.

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